Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When do we say its the right tecnology to use?

When is a technology the right tool to use? Do we influence the feature we want in an application from what is available from the technology or from what is required from the business requirement?

It's always a challenge to marry the right technology with the right requirement that would produce a fluid, solid application. One-Stop-Shop approach of resolving business issues is no longer becoming relevant in the global IT market. You pay so much that without realizing only a fraction of the features provided by that technology is only essential to what the business requires. A lot of companies now are resorting to only "get what you need" and "pay what you only need" mentality. This is where customization comes in. The beauty of customization is it delivers the solution that the problem it exactly expects. This strategy relieves companies from paying too much.

When the curse of overengineering starts to sink in, its a manifestation of wrong implementation. But what is overengineering? It's a combination of technology misuse and irrelevant complex implementation. If the implementation looks simple and it solves a business need then we just answered the first question above.

The danger comes when technology features molds how the application should behave. This deviates the application from concentrating into its prioritized functionalities and might deliver features not needed at all. Scope creep is the twin evil of this situation. Looking at it at the brighter side, this is the best opportunity to step back and review the requirements and correct and refine the implementation.

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