Friday, January 8, 2010

Installing Solaris 10 Software Companion CD from ISO Image

To install the software companion from an iso image on a solaris machine follow this steps:

1. Type the command lofiadm -a /export/temp/software.iso. This command creates a block device from a file which can be mounted. The block device will look something like this /dev/lofi/1.

2. Mount the block device by typing this command mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/lofi/1 /mnt. We are mounting a file system of type hsfs(High Sierra File System) which is basically a representation of our iso image (compact disc). We can also use the cdfs(Compact Disc File System) if the file is being mounted from a cdrom. The ro option basically means its a read-only.

3. You can install one package at a time, but for the purpose of this demo, I'm gonna install all of the packages. Next step is to create an admin file say on this path /var/tmp/admin. The admin file should be created by root user. It contains the following:


Now this will install the packages without having the user interact with the package installation.

4. Change directory to the location of the software companion packages relevant to your architecture. In my case I'll be installing it on a Solaris 10 OS. After changing to that directory it should look something like this /mnt/Solaris_Software_Companion/Solaris_sparc/Packages.

5. As a root, execute this command pkgadd -a /var/tmp/admin -d /mnt/Solaris_Software_Companion/Solaris_sparc/Packages. The -a option overrides the default admin file with the one we just created. 

6. Once it executes, it will display all the available packages to be installed and will asks you to install a package or all of the packages. Choose 'all'. Installation will proceed to run.

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