Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sun should treat eveything in Java as Objects!

I have posted a question in LinkedIn as shown below.

Do you think Sun will remove primitive data types(int, long, float, etc.) in their Java Platform?

I got 10 answers from different people and they are all against the idea of treat everything in Java as Objects. But I did clarify my point why I like the idea of Sun updating the Java Platform or creating new breed of Java Platform that will treat everything in Java as an Object. Here's my reason behind the question.

I have seen lots of Java code that keeps switching from a primitive type to a Wrapper class. Reflection API does not return the classe's primitive type as an object and of course you have to use Wrapper classes to later convert it to the right object type then switch back to a primitive type. Autoboxing just does the same thing. All of these are basically CPU overhead not heap overhead. RAMs are not that expensive and they get cheaper and cheaper while getting bigger in temporary storage. I guess I like the idea of having Java as everything is Object because that will minimize switching between primitive types and makes the code alot readable. But I do agree some of their points but I'm thinking not far from now it may happen. Heap size is easier to control than CPU time. There's a big difference between memory usage and cpu time in terms of overhead. The latter gives you a better sense of tuning performance. You would be surprised that scalability is actually affected more by CPU Time rather than Heap Size. If you have an out of memory issue, its almost always that you have run away processes that the CPU keeps it running till you run out of memory. There's something in the code that drove the CPU nuts.

I hope that explains my curiosity behind the question.

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